Monday, August 22, 2005


Spark Armada is promoting August 31st 2005 as 'International Blog Day'. On this day, every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. Hopefully, on this day all Blog web surfers will find themselves leaping and discovering new, unknown blogs. Nir Ofir of Spark Armada is also holding a BlogDay design Contest for that day and I was hoping that some Indian web designer would create a design putting together a theme featuring India and International Blog day. Any takers?
Update (24th Aug): Indian Bloggers where are you all? Have you found 5 Blogs for your BlogDay post? Only seven more days remaining.
Update (31st Aug): Today is 'International Blog Day'. Today, I would like to recommend the following Indian Blogs, in no particular order -
(a) AnilDigital's Blog
(b) Sebastian Joseph
(c) Footsteps on Clouds
(d) Googling Thoughts
(e) Trivial Matters
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blogger for Word

Blogger has just released a free plug-in that works with Microsoft Word. They call it Blogger for Word. I have downloaded and installed the same, though I still need to try it out. Blogger claims that the plug-in allows you to publish, edit, and save as draft from within Word.
Update: I won't be using this plug-in. The html generated is awful.
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