Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blogger for Word

Blogger has just released a free plug-in that works with Microsoft Word. They call it Blogger for Word. I have downloaded and installed the same, though I still need to try it out. Blogger claims that the plug-in allows you to publish, edit, and save as draft from within Word.
Update: I won't be using this plug-in. The html generated is awful.
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Blogger Mayuresh said...

I agree (see my post)! I dont know why google decided to waste its time.

Posting after a long time - been busy?

5:13 AM  
Blogger Mayuresh said...

On a second thought i used the plugin without use of HTML. It works just like w.bloggar. You may also want to note that you can set an option that lets you review the HTML of the post before its published.

I guess what blogger is trying to do is capitalize on the word skills of people instead of having them learn new tools. However, what i dont see is what happens to all the non-compliant HTML garbage that word generates. Guess i will continue trying this tool for the sheer hell of it ;)

- Mayuresh

5:23 AM  

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