Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adsense Ready Wordpress Theme

The easiest way to incorporate Adsense into your site is an Adsense Ready Wordpress Theme. The Ultimate List Of Adsense Ready Wordpress Themes lists down 24 such Adsense ready themes.

I decided to use AdsMinded Adsense Theme - Wide Version for my blog. The features I liked of this theme were:

  1. High CTR AdSense layout
  2. Search Engine Friendly
  3. Advertisement Sequence
  4. Better Ads Targeting


  • There seems to be no activity (blog posts, comments, upgrades related to this theme) by the author of the theme since October 2006.
  • The author does not answer your emails. I sincerely hope he does find time from his busy schedule and replies.
  • One can't post comments on the theme's site as there are some database errors.
  • Even after activating the 6 plugins; they don't work for the wide theme on my site, though it does on the theme's site.
  • The site does not validate for XHTML 1.0
  • Modifying the php files to incorporate your own Adsense and Chitika code is quite cumbersome.
  • You need to edit header.php and add the relevant meta tags.
  • The author requests a link exchange with bloggers using his theme. However, the link exchange link does not work.

In spite of the above mentioned drawbacks, the theme is optimized for Adsense and over the days you should see an increase in your CTR.

I have been able to make all the relevant changes so that the site validates and also incorporate the relevant meta tags, Adsense and Chitika code. If you are interested, I can send you the corrected zip file of this theme. Let me know.

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