Friday, October 28, 2005

Use Clicksor with Adsense

Today, I received an email from Clicksor announcing their new real time keyword optimization tool for all the CPC ads (text banner and text link). Publishers can get to choose the keywords/phrases (up to 5) manually for the ads they want to appear on their site/blog. Once the 'Clicksor_search' line is inserted, the system will deliver ads based on these keyword(s) that's being entered.

This definitely has implications. We can now start using Clicksor along with Adsense, though you need to check this out and confirm with Adsense support. Isn't this what Chitika did? We now use Chitika along with Adsense.

Here's a sample code -

clicksor_banner_link_color = '#0000CC';
clicksor_banner_text_color = '#000000';
clicksor_search = ["music", "classical music", "jazz", "rock", "pop"];

Replace the five keywords above with what you want.
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