Monday, June 06, 2005

Do I have a Writer's Block?

I want to write an article, but I can't. I have a few articles in mind that I desperately want to get out, but, every time I sit down to it, I can't. Why can't I write?

Is it lack of Time? Not true. I spend hours going thro' the different blog feeds (170 to date) I have subscribed thro' Bloglines; surely I can devote some time from this to write.

Do I need a vacation? Again, not true. Very recently, I had taken a break from the daily grind.

Health problem? NO. Touch wood, I am in the pink of health!

I needed to do something about this and started searching on Google about 'Writer's Block'. The search gave me a long list of articles on this topic and one particular article by Lisa R. Cohen caught my eye. She mentions 'Write about Writer's Block' and hence this post! I found her site very informative.

Here are some more links to get you going too.

Merlin Mann's blog post Hack your way out of writer's block
From Purdue University
LEO: Literacy Education Online
Capital Community College Foundation
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