Thursday, June 02, 2005

What are Podcasts / Podcasting?

Podcasts are audio blogs that people create as an alternate form of online expression. Some are professionally produced, like talk shows and music broadcasts, while others are less formal daily diaries and running commentary between friends. If you've got an iPod or other portable media player, and are interested in getting free, unique content to listen to, podcasting is for you. The name iPod refers to a class of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. iPod offers a simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel. Most iPod models store media on a built-in hard drive, while a lower-end model, iPod shuffle, relies on flash memory. Like most digital audio players, iPod can serve as an external hard drive while connected to a computer.
Podcasting has become the latest hyped Internet technology. It's a way of using your computer to automatically download audio shows to your iPod (or other player), so that you've always got something new to listen to. Getting started with podcasting is easy. All you need is a computer with an Internet link and a portable media player. In fact, you can listen to podcasts right on your computer.
Here are some links to get you started:
Get Started with Podcasts in 3 Steps
Make Your First Podcast
Using Bloglines to track Podcasts
Talks about PodProducer a software that will help you produce and record your podcast.
Ink Scrawl has suggested this excellent blog post - What is Podcasting and why should you care?.
iPod and iTunes: The Missing Manual - Read online Chapter 2: The iPod Sync Connection

Update: What's the relevance of iPods in India? Is it just a passing phase? I feel that they will not catch on in India. The pricing has to be just right and currently these are too costly. You would definitely hear about them and probably a few hundred would have them too, but then what's a few hundred amongst a billion+ population?

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Blogger steven edward streight said...

Chris at 49 Media, a directory of media blogs only (blogs with more than just text, blogs with audio, art, photos, or video), interviewed me for a podcast at noon today.

I'm just learning about them, but apparently you don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts.

You can listen to podcasts via Flash, WindowsMedia, RealTime, and other audio media players.

A podcast can exist in an MP3 file format.

There are various portable players and computer players you can use.

I, like I said, know very little about this. But I'm in favor of blogs containing more than just text.

Blogger, which you and I use, offers "audioblogging". Have you investigated this?

10:49 AM  
Blogger SatishTalim said...

Steven, man you probably have 6th sense - I was looking at 'audioblogging', when your comment came in.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Akshay said...

Try IT conversation. They have all the O'riely tech conferences on MP3

11:31 AM  
Blogger SatishTalim said...

Akshay, you have the link?

11:36 AM  
Blogger mandar talvekar said...

hey satish,
thanks for visiting my blog - inkscrawl.
Podcasting is interesting. I had blogged about it in January this year. You can read it here. The post also links to Amy Grahan -- one person i know who is evangelising podcasts. If you haven't come across her blog, do visit: Contentious

Keep visiting my blog and posting comments. That'll help me write better.

1:24 PM  

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