Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blogging Effectiveness

Advanced Business - Blogging in its recent post talks about Three developing trends that will significantly impact your business blogging effectiveness.

Point 1 states 'Readers (and advertisers) want relevancy - so give it to them with a mix of longer posts mixed in with shorter ones'. ProBlogger too, in it's recent post Frequent Short Posts - A Secret of A-List Bloggers Success talks about the same point. But then, if you have observed, the formula for success for five top blogs: lots of short posts?

Point 2 states that 'niche equals target traffic', namely 'Keeping your business blogs tightly focused on a specific niche, or small blend of directly related niche areas, will yield highly qualified traffic and better pre-qualified prospects'. What happens to blogs like mine, who try and generate some income through say Adsense to cover costs, that have posts on varied topics?

Update: Advanced Business - Blogging has just posted a reply to my questions. Thank you John-Paul Micek.
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Blogger Raya said...

Hello Satish:)

I like your tips. I might have to use them myself.

Keep up the good work,

9:56 AM  
Blogger Coach John-Paul said...

Aloha Satish,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a detailed answer I gave to your questions/comments on the post. Your questions were so good I almost broke blogging protocol and answered them in a totally new post. :)

You check out my "detailed reply" here.

Thanks for stopping by our blog! :)

John-Paul Micek
Business Owners Coaching Club

7:32 AM  

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