Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blog Comment Disclaimer

Dave Taylor mentions in his blog that SEO Book's Aaron Wall was sued earlier by Traffic-Power.com for alleged inaccuracies and lies appearing in comments other people have left on his blog. Dave suggests that anyone in the blogosphere who is worried about potential liability issues should use this disclaimer or a variant thereof - "Because I value your thoughtful opinions, I encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. Don't be offended if I edit your comments for clarity or to keep out questionable matters, however, and I may even delete off-topic comments." For those of you using Blogger/Blogspot, you could add this disclaimer after <$BlogItemControl$> in your template.
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Anonymous Fyre said...

This is interesting, especially since I include a terms of service agreement on my website that contains the text, "Any comments posted to weblog entries, chat boards, forums, tag boards, guestbooks, or any other public commentary device, become the sole property of Site, in perpetuity."

I started the TOS to cut down on the potentiality of some idiot coming along and suing me for using their "copywritten material" (i.e. comments) on my blog without their permission. Perhaps it's time I changed that.

augh, some people just don't have enough to do... some companies, for that matter, too.

Oh, say, off-topic... Do you have an RSS feed that displays the full article, rather than just an excerpt? Thunderbird doesn't show a link to click to the full article, and even with the "display web page instead of summary" option, I still get a summary. heh.

9:02 AM  
Blogger SatishTalim said...

I have set my feed to summary using FeedBurner, so that readers come to my blog to read the full story!!

9:17 AM  

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