Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Kid's Programming Language, or KPL

Alexander Wolfe writes that Microsoft has signed on to promote a new programming language - The Kid's Programming Language, or KPL, intended to replace BASIC as the first step students take towards learning how to code. Indeed, KPL's affinity for .NET, and the fact that it runs only on Windows, may be the big reason Microsoft is supporting the new language. KPL, was developed under the direction of Jonah Stagner, and his colleagues, ex-Microsoft program manager Jon Schwartz and former NCR engineer Walt Morrison. The three run the software consultancy Morrison-Schwartz Inc. KPL can be downloaded for free.

The original catalyst for the development of language, Morrison said, was Stagner's desire to give his 10-year-old son and kids like him a worthwhile language with which to get started. "The idea for us was, let's get them going. Let's give them lots of examples of how games are written that are sound and audio and visually interesting to them, so they'll stay interested," Morrison said. "We think learning is best when learning is fun, that's our most important reason for the game and sound approach in KPL."

I had requested Jason Darrow to write about KPL and he has kindly obliged.

Byte has covered KPL too.
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Anonymous Jason Darrow said...

Thanks for the article and the email. Today I've wrtiten an article in my blog that references this topic. I'll be sure to check back on your blog in the future because it looks to me as though you have some interesting things to say. As far as KPL it looks very interesting.

6:42 AM  
Blogger SatishTalim said...

Thanks Jason. Looking forward to reading part 2. One problem though, I was unable to post a comment on your blog post.

7:00 AM  

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