Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tracking my site traffic

It is important to analyse your blog traffic and a post on Quick Online Tips - Tracking My Site Traffic: How to Analyze for Blog Optimization was very informative. To quote:

"This blog is not so big that I should attempt to consider analyzing web trends based on my site statistics. I came across several important indicators of my traffic so it is my humble effort to share them with you. We all have some site traffic tracker to check for how many visitors we get everyday and what is the trend. Other tracking indicators help you to fix your site for better optimization."

I too use the simple, practical tracking tool, Extreme Tracking. I have been blogging for about 20 days only but I can see some trends emerging.
(a) Countries from where my traffic is coming: India - 38.72%, USA - 36.53% If I follow Pareto's Law of 80:20 then obviously I need to keep my content focussed here. Does it mean more local flavor to my posts?

(b) Traffic by Continent: Asia - 43.71%, North America - 40.12%, Europe - 11.48% It's interesting to note that Europe traffic is slowly increasing.

(c) Days of the Week: Unique visitors were the highest on Friday - 22.16%, Saturday - 18.36% and the lowest on Sunday - 9.88% I haven't blogged enough to draw any conclusions yet. Probably it's best to post more articles towards the end of the week?

(d) Hours of the Day: Unique visitors were the highest between 10 am and 12 noon - 16.86% I need to post my articles in the morning.

These were some of the various statistics available. Have you been analysing your blog traffic? What's been your experience? I would love your feedback/suggestions.
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Blogger Duncan said...

Hi Satish
Check my post on DP, here
best regards
Duncan / tradefor

11:52 AM  
Blogger Sebastian said...

I use Provides me with lot of analysis
Popular Pages
Entry Pages
Exit Pages
Came From
Keyword Analysis
Recent Keyword Activity
Search Engine Wars
Visitor Paths
Visit Length
Returning Visits
Recent Pageload Activity
Recent Visitor Activity
System Stats

only problem being the sorting order they use is wierd

1:49 PM  

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